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Faulty Roofing Shingles Leave Homeowners Out in the Cold

By Burg Simpson
October 14, 2015
2 min read

With an economic recovery underway and unemployment numbers on the decline, fewer Americans are fighting to “put a roof” over their heads. However, unfortunately, many people are still struggling to keep a solid roof on their homes, literally, due to the use of faulty building materials. As far too many homeowners have discovered, faulty shingles can be a constant headache, especially in certain climates.

Making the right choice
Selecting a roof covering, whether during the initial construction or during a roof replacement, is one of the most important decisions with which a homeowner is faced. Among the problems that a bad roof can cause are collapsed ceilings from undetected leaks, rotting plywood, and falling debris. Surprisingly, some homeowners spend far more time worrying about what goes into their homes than what is installed on top of it to protect the people and property within.

Cracks and blisters
As if issues related to workmanship and pricing were not enough, homeowners may also discover that the building materials themselves are defective, leading to a whole host of problems. For example, many residential roofing manufacturers market their shingles based on durability and their use of high-quality materials, consumers have reported the following serious defects:

  • Premature cracking
  • Blistering
  • Delaminating
  • Roofs were torn off due to wind
  • Build up of mold
  • Inadequate resistance to hail impact

When these or other roofing problems arise and manufacturers will not stand behind their products, homeowners may have to fork over huge amounts of money to properly fix their houses, often times very quickly.

Litigation ensues
The problems with a number roofing shingles have proven so severe that homeowners were forced to file lawsuits against the manufacturers. In some cases, problems have been so widespread that state-wide, multi-state or even national class actions have been filed. A common theme in these cases: homeowners felt they had no choice but to head to court when the manufacturers allegedly refused to honor their warranty or otherwise properly correct the roofs.

We can help
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