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Head-On Collision Sidelines ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ Actor

By Burg Simpson
May 4, 2015
2 min read

Most people remember Robert Carradine for his lovable roles in the 1980s hit film Revenge of the Nerds and early 2000s TV staple Lizzie McGuire. Unfortunately, Carradine’s recent media coverage has nothing to do with his nearly five decades-long acting career. Instead, Carradine’s image was splashed across the news recently due to a horrific car crash in which he and his wife sustained injuries.

Watch out for that…semi!

The Carradines were apparently cruising northbound along Colorado Highway 145 east of Dolores when Robert veered into oncoming traffic. Not long after shifting into the wrong lane, Carradine’s vehicle crashed into a southbound semi. Both Carradine and his wife were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident, which is why they survived the accident at all, according to a spokesperson from the hospital to which they were rushed for treatment in the accident’s aftermath. Following the crash, Carradine received a careless driving ticket from the Colorado State Patrol for a “lane violation.”

Rural, two-lane roads present major head-on collision risks

Sadly, the Carradines are not alone, with literally tens of thousands of Americans involved in head-on collisions every year. According to statistics compiled by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the majority of head-on collisions occur on roads that are similar to Highway 145. Specifically, between 75 and 85% of head-on crashes happen on rural, undivided two-lane roads. While Carradine’s accident took place during daytime hours, many head-on collisions occur in the dark, when visibility is reduced and it becomes more difficult to gauge the distance of oncoming vehicles.

Stay alert and keep your eyes on the road

Among the leading causes of head-on collisions are distractions, which can cause drivers to veer unexpectedly and overcorrect into oncoming traffic. Another major cause of head-on collision is drowsy driving. Surprisingly, passing cars at inappropriate times is responsible for only a small number of head-on collisions.

Serious car accidents are no laughing matter. Those injured in such events deserve caring, knowledgeable attorneys at their side.

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