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Intersectional Law: Our Unique Office Set-Up

By Burg Simpson
February 12, 2015
3 min read

My blog posts are usually about the law in general. I try not to talk too much about our specific office or what we do. I think generally the best thing I can do is help people better understand the law and arm people with the information to make an informed decision about who to use for their case. I am also confident that most of the time, people who make an informed decision will choose Burg Simpson. I have worked in many different law firms, including working for myself in a small firm with a few employees of my own. I think we have a unique, effective strategy for handling your cases, and I’d like to share with you why.

Burg Simpson’s law office doesn’t specialize in one specific area of the law. We don’t have lawyers that work only on worker’s comp or personal injury, but rather we have a team of lawyers who all have their own expertise. This lets us get the maximum benefit of lawyers like myself who have worked for decades in the same area of the law, in addition to the ability to cover multiple types of injury cases and malpractice cases at the same time. We call this intersectional law. Most people who have a work comp case and a personal injury case for the same incident have two different law offices covering those cases. Of course they want to work together, but if they’re in different firms, things come up, they get busy, and the ultimate outcome is that your case isn’t coordinated and handled as well as it could have been. Those lawyers can easily miss out on money that you should have been awarded.

Our office has also been nationally recognized for multiple years and by multiple different award agencies as one of the best law firms in the State of Colorado and the country. I don’t say that to brag, but to show you that we mean business. We only hire the best of the best and our standards for your case are as high as possible. We’ll be honest with you about the value of your case and then work as hard as we can to get your case resolved. No frills and no lies, because we don’t have to. We know how the system works and what strategies the insurance company will use to try and decrease the value of your case.

All of the attorneys in our office (myself included) will evaluate your case for free or talk with you to make sure we are a fit, all it takes is a call. If you have been hurt and want someone to fight for you, call me at 303-792-5595 or submit a request using the button on the right side of the page to have someone from our office contact you.

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