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An Attorney’s Take On a Deadly Colorado Wildfire: the Lower North Fork Fire

By Burg Simpson
March 8, 2013
1 min read

The State of Colorado killed 3 of its own innocent citizens, burned over 24 homes to the ground, and destroyed thousands of acres of forested property in the Lower North Fork wildfire on March 26, 2012. In the wake of this tragedy, the Colorado legislature passed a law in May last year which was supposed to permit “real time” compensation by the State to those harmed by the Colorado wildfire. Although the State has admitted negligence, has had in its hands since September the victims’ claims, and has admitted that the value of these claims far exceeds the $600,000 statutory cap, the State still has not offered any additional money to its citizens.

This is wrong. Rather than help the victims be properly compensated for the devastation they caused as the Colorado legislature intended, the State is instead throwing up road blocks to keep these people from being compensated. The State needs to step forward now to do the right thing and figure out how to get its citizens the fair compensation they deserve for the death and destruction the State caused, instead of searching for ways to keep this from happening.

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