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After a Fire, Part 5: Determining the True Cost to Rebuild Your Home

By Burg Simpson
December 22, 2012
1 min read

There are a number of resources that you can look for when you need to rebuild your home. First and foremost, I would advocate that you ask around. Find out who was building homes in your neighborhood most recently. Find out who the local area contractors are. That’s going to be your best assistance in terms of finding out how much will it cost to rebuild your home on your homesite?”

Don’t necessarily agree with the insurance company numbers because they will use a program that is national in scope. It is not necessarily unique to your particular area.

Another very important factor that oftentimes gets lost in these particular softwares that the insurance companies use is the fact that, because of how widespread this disaster and these [Colorado] fires have been, there will be a premium placed on materials and labor, and those software programs will not pick that up.

So if you go local, that will be your best bet.

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