What is the Difference Between Mass Tort Litigation And Class Action Litigation?

By Heidi Culbertson

Mass Tort Class Action

Mass Tort litigation and Class Action litigation both handle negligence cases with multiple victims, but each has very specific ways of handling these kinds of matters. Mass tort cases and class action lawsuits share certain similarities: A large group of plaintiffs who claim they have been hurt. Common defendants who have been accused of causing… Read more »


By Heidi Culbertson

The deadline for students to submit their 1,500 word essays is February 1, 2019. For the past several years, Burg Simpson has awarded college scholarships to the graduating high school seniors who won our essay competition regarding the importance of the civil jury system and how it is being threatened. The annual Burg Simpson Scholarship… Read more »

Lemtrada Linked To Stroke and Tears In Artery Linings

By Heidi Culbertson

On November 29, 2018, FDA issued a safety announcement warning that multiple sclerosis drug Lemtrada has been linked to cases of stroke and tears in the lining of the arteries in the head and neck. These serious injuries can lead to permanent disability and death. Given the nature of these risks, FDA has announced that… Read more »


By Heidi Culbertson

Spinal Cord Injuries - Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZ - Arizona Burg Simpson

  Medical Device Recalled Due to Contamination Risk. Zimmer Biomet, Inc. (NYSE: ZBH) has recalled several spinal fusion and implantable bone growth stimulators due to a lack of adequate assurance that these devices were clean and free of bacteria and chemical residue. The specific medical devices subject to this recall include: Osteogen Implantable Bone Growth… Read more »

Burg Simpson Supports the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center!

By Heidi Culbertson

Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine are proud to support the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center at their annual fundraising gala on November 7th. The center is dedicated to serving Colorado’s abused, neglected and at-risk children. Their team of legal professionals and social workers work as a unit to make sure we consider the whole child in… Read more »

What is Mass Tort Litigation?

By Burg Simpson

A mass tort is a civil action involving multiple plaintiffs against one or more commercial defendants. Mass tort litigation is an ever-growing area of the law made necessary by advances in the mass-production of drugs and medical devices. When companies make mistakes that injure people, the law allows an injured person to prove that a… Read more »

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