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Procter and Gamble to Remove Plastic Beads from Toothpaste

By Seth Katz

The maker of Crest toothpaste, Procter and Gamble, has begun removing polyethylene beads from its products after a dental professional raised awareness regarding the negative effects the beads can have in people’s mouths. Raising concern A dental hygienist, Trish Walraven began to notice blue material in her patients’ mouths a few years ago, ABC affiliate… Read more »

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Morcellator Surgical Tool Due to Safety Concerns

By Seth Katz

Johnson & Johnson has voluntarily recalled the morcellator surgical tool used for removing uterine masses in women because of concern that the device can spread cancer throughout the body, The Wall Street Journal reported. FDA action The company’s recall follows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s safety notice in April and panel in July. The safety… Read more »

Consumer Awareness Leads to Safer Cosmetics

By Seth Katz

Consumer pressure has led to a decrease in the presence of phthalates and other chemicals in health and beauty products, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Women use about nine personal care products every day, which exposes them to more than 100 chemicals, according to the Campaign. An increase in consumer awareness regarding these… Read more »

Can a Low Gluten Diet Reduce Risk of Dementia?

By Seth Katz

David Perlmutter, neurologist and associate professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, argued in his new book: “Grain Brain: The surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar – your brain’s silent killers,” that a high-fat, nearly carbohydrate-free diet can prevent or greatly lower the risk of dementia and its progression. Perlmutter takes a fresh… Read more »

FDA Bans Another Ranbaxy Facility from Distributing Drugs to US

By Seth Katz

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has prohibited Indian multinational pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy Laboratories, Ltd. from producing and distributing drugs and supplies produced at its Toansa, India, facility to the United States. The Jan. 23 decision by the FDA came after the agency’s inspectors discovered numerous violations at the plant earlier this month. Violations include Toansa… Read more »

California Adds DINP to List of Potentially Dangerous Chemicals

By Seth Katz

Diisononyl phthalate (DINP), a common plasticizer, can be found in various consumer products; however, some say it is dangerous to health, and California recently decided to add it to its list of more than 900 potentially dangerous chemicals that consumers should know are in the products that they use regularly. A state advisory council advised… Read more »

Dehumidifiers Pose Serious Fire Risk

By Seth Katz

While dehumidifiers may deliver relief to dry air for many consumers, they also pose a serious safety risk. This month, Consumer Reports warned consumers about a previously top-rated dehumidifier that may catch fire and lead to property damage or personal injury. The consumer organization said July 1 the Soleus Air dehumidifier was among those listed in… Read more »

Kasel Announces Massive Pet Food Recall

By Seth Katz

The last thing a pet owner wants to do is make their animal sick by feeding him or her tainted food. Denver-based corporation Kasel Associated Industries Inc. recently pulled a large amount of pet treats from store shelves due to possible salmonella contamination. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the products the corporation recalled include pig… Read more »

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