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Applied Medical Catheters Recalled Due to Serious Injury Risk

By Burg Simpson


Applied Medical is recalling several models of catheters due to a risk that its catheter tips will detach during use. Catheter separation could lead to serious adverse health consequences and even death. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has labeled this a Class I recall, its most serious designation reserved for products that pose a… Read more »

Electrical Outlet Recalled due to Burn Risk

By Burg Simpson

Pass & Seymour, Inc. is recalling a line of its electrical outlets due to a manufacturing defect that can lead to burn injuries. The specific outlet is called the “Commercial-Grade Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacles” and is pictured below. According to the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission, a manufacturing error within the electrical outlet “could lead consumers to… Read more »

Lenox Tea Kettles Recalled Following Reports of Severe Burns

By Burg Simpson

tea kettle

Continuum Sales & Marketing Corporation is recalling its Lenox-branded 2.5-quart tea kettles after determining the tea kettles can pose a burn hazard to consumers. According to the Consumer Product and Safety Commission’s April 8, 2020 recall announcement, the tops of the tea kettles can discharge hot water during use. Indeed, Continuum is aware of at… Read more »

Boston Scientific Recalling Catheters after Reports of Injuries

By Burg Simpson

Boston Scientific is recalling its IMAGER 5F Angiographic Catheters after learning of at least nine reports of injuries associated with the devices. On April 6, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that all models of the angiographic catheters manufactured by Boston Scientific were recalled due to the potential for the tip of… Read more »

Numerous Cleaning Supplies Recalled Due to Failure to Meet Child Resistant Packaging Requirements, Child Injury Reported

By Burg Simpson


During the current pandemic, soaps, disinfectants, and other cleaning supplies are in high demand and have flown off the shelves. Because of the lack of availability, many people have begun making their own soaps and cleaning products at home. Alarmingly, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced that numerous cleaning supply products used to make… Read more »

Flying Fan Blades Lead to Recall of Harbor Breeze Fans Sold at Lowe’s

By Burg Simpson

fan blades

Following numerous reports of injuries from flying fan blades, Fanim Industries is recalling its 48-inch Harbor Breeze Santa Ana ceiling fans. The recall is expansive. It affects around 70,000 ceiling fans sold exclusively at Lowe’s around the country and online between May 2014 and January 2016. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the manufacturer… Read more »

Injuries and Death Reported as Medtronic Recalls Malfunctioning Insulin Pumps

By Burg Simpson

insulin pump

Many who suffer from Type 1 diabetes rely on an insulin pump to deliver the insulin they need to manage their disease. The failure of these devices can be catastrophic. For example, a malfunction that results in a misdosing of insulin can result in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Hypoglycemia symptoms… Read more »

FDA Cautions Public to Avoid Cesium Salts Due to Risks of Heart Issues and Potential Death

By Burg Simpson

FDA recall of cesium salts

Cesium salts have reportedly been associated with seizures, potentially lethal arrhythmias, fainting, cardiac arrest, and death. While cesium salts have been promoted as dietary supplements, their most popular use is as an alternative cancer treatment. However, no cesium salt has ever been proven to be safe and effective to treat cancer, or for any other… Read more »

Elevated Levels of Lead Found in 25 Prenatal Vitamins

By Burg Simpson

prenatal vitamins

Women who are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant often take great care to make sure what they are putting in their bodies is safe for their unborn children. Daily prenatal vitamins are typically seen as a healthy choice. Unfortunately, the results from recent lab tests reveal that many of these vitamins contain elevated levels… Read more »

Inclined Infant Sleepers Pulled from Market Amid Rising Death Toll

By Burg Simpson

baby sleepers recalled

Inclined infant sleepers hit the market in 2009, and quickly became popular among sleep-deprived parents looking for ways to get their newborns to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Sadly, these products posed dire safety risks, and are now linked to at least 73 infant deaths. Because of this, many inclined sleepers have been recalled… Read more »

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