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Burg Simpson Files Class Action Lawsuit On Behalf Of Ohio Ambetter Policyholders

By Burg Simpson

Burg Simpson Files Class Action Lawsuit On Behalf Of Ohio Ambetter Policyholders Burg Simpson has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Ohio consumers who purchased Ambetter insurance through the Ohio Health Insurance Exchange.  Class action lawsuits allow consumers, whose individual claims may be too small to file an individual action, to join forces… Read more »

Injury Risk Triggers Recall of STIHL Mower Heads

By Burg Simpson

On September 5, 2019, STIHL initiated a recall of its PolyCut™ Mowing Heads, citing the risk of injury the products pose to the user and/or bystanders as the motivation behind its recall. According to the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC), the bolts securing the three plastic blades and holding the mowing head together… Read more »


By Heidi Culbertson


By David Harman, Burg Simpson Shareholder AMBETTER LAWSUIT REGARDING LACK OF IN-NETWORK PROVIDERS Throughout the country, Ambetter policyholders are reporting that they are not able to find, or are having difficulty finding, medical providers that will accept Ambetter insurance. Additionally, many policyholders are reporting that they purchased the Ambetter product because they thought that their physicians… Read more »

Burg Simpson Investigates DirecTv for Deceptive Sales Practices

By Burg Simpson

Deceptive Sales Practices – Class Action Suit – Ohio Burg Simpson

Attention current and former DirecTV subscribers in Ohio and Kentucky! Burg Simpson is investigating DirecTV for luring customers into two-year contracts with the promise of low monthly rates that disappear when the first bill arrives. DirecTV is no stranger to lawsuits concerning deceptive pricing schemes. In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against… Read more »

Burg Simpson Investigates LuLaRoe’s Failure to Refund Ohio and Kentucky Fashion Retailers and Consultants

By Burg Simpson

Ohio Burg Simpson - LuLaRoe Failure to Refund

Attention Kentucky and Ohio LuLaRoe Fashion Retailers and Consultants! Burg Simpson is investigating LuLaRoe for failing to honor its agreement to refund Consultants for unsold inventory. To entice individuals to become LuLaRoe Consultants, LuLaRoe made a buy-back promise. The buy-back promise consisted of a return policy, by which Consultants who wished to stop selling for… Read more »

FDA Announces Recall of Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets

By Burg Simpson

On April 13, 2017 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) announced the recall of all lots of Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Teething Tablets by the manufacturer, Standard Homeopathic Company. This recall follows the FDA’s September 2016 warning against the use of homeopathic teething products. At that time the FDA stated… Read more »

Dangerous Ingredient in Xanthium & Siler Combo (Bi Yan Pian) Dietary Supplements Leads to Recall

By Burg Simpson

On February 7, 2017, Kingsway Trading Inc. issued a recall of Xanthium & Siler Combo (Bi Yan Pian) Dietary Supplement because it contains an ingredient, Ephedra Herba (ma huang), that was not disclosed in the supplement’s ingredients list and that has been banned by FDA. Bi Yan Pian, sometimes called “Nose Inflammation Pills,” are often… Read more »

FDA Issues Consumer Warning on Bentonite Me Baby Due to Risk of Lead Poisoning

By Burg Simpson

FDA MedWatch – Bentonite Me Baby – Bentonite Clay by Alikay Naturals: Consumer Warning – Risk of Lead Poisoning The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning on January 28, 2016, directing consumers to not use or purchase “Bentonite Me Baby” by Alikay Naturals due to a risk of lead poisoning. After the… Read more »

FDA Warns Weight-Loss Supplement Manufacturers Against Sale of BMPEA

By Burg Simpson

On April 23, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) issued warning letters to companies selling weight loss/performance supplements containing BMPEA (beta-methylphenethylamine). Manufacturers have made representations that BMPEA is an extract of the botanical Acacia rigidula however, there is no evidence supporting this claim. The FDA warned manufacturers that BMPEA is not a “dietary ingredient”… Read more »

Dangerous Chemicals Found in Weight-Loss and Performance Supplements May Increase Risk of Heart Attack or Death

By Burg Simpson

A study published this week in the journal “Drug Testing and Analysis,” [1] reviewed 21 weight-loss and performance enhancing supplements and found that more than half contained a chemical that may cause serious injury and/or death. The supplements are supposed to contain a plant substance called “Acacia rigidula,” but tests showed that half of the… Read more »

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