Florida Construction Defects

How Does a Florida Construction Defect Lawsuit Start?

By Burg Simpson

Pursuant to Florida Statute Chapter 558, before any Florida construction defect lawsuit can be started a written Notice of Claim must be sent to any “construction professional” a homeowner, Condominium or Homeowner Association, or building owner believes is responsible for the defects. The Notice of Claim “must describe in reasonable detail the nature of each… Read more »

Do You Like Your Construction Defects Attorney?

By Burg Simpson


Generally, most of us prefer to work with business partners that we “like.”  Sometimes that isn’t always possible but if given a choice of 2 attorneys to work with and both are competent, charge the same fees, have the same experience, etc., wouldn’t you choose the one you “like?”  But, what does “like” really mean? … Read more »

Construction Defects Time Limitations Across States

By Burg Simpson

Often community managers will know of at least one particular community that has recurring problems. It is always important not to delay investigation because of applicable legal time limitations. Depending on the age of the buildings and a specific set of events, suit can or cannot be brought by the association. Typically, associations in Colorado… Read more »

Personal Brands – Fuel for Achieving Your Goals

By Burg Simpson

Professional personal brands in real estate set realtors & housing community members apart.

What is your favorite brand of clothing? Sports equipment? Eyeglasses? Coffee? Why do you love that brand? Why are you loyal to it, even if it is difficult to find, more expensive or not the highest quality? These same questions apply to people. Who are you loyal to? Who do you prefer to do business… Read more »

Florida 2019 Legislation Involving Associations

By Burg Simpson

Florida State Capitol Building

According to the Tampa Bay Times, only about 10% of the 1,861 bills filed during the 2019 legislative session passed. This was slightly fewer than last year and the lowest number of bills passed in Florida in twenty years. For homeowners’ and community associations, the session was a busy one, with at least eight separate… Read more »

Florida House Bill 911 and Senate Bill 1246

By Burg Simpson


Currently pending in the Florida Legislature are two bills that should be of particular interest to Florida property owners, especially condominium associations, homeowner associations and single family home owners.  If passed and signed into law, House Bill 911 and Senate Bill 1246 would overhaul Florida’s construction defect notice and opportunity to repair statute, Chapter 558…. Read more »

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