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Defective Weyerhaueser Floor Joists Threaten New Homeowners

By Burg Simpson

Flak Jacket Floor Joist - Denver Construction Defect Attorneys - Burg Simpson

It might seem hard to believe that something so small can cause so much damage. But that’s exactly what happened when Weyerhaeuser Co., a Seattle-based wood and cellulose fiber manufacturer, changed the formula of its “TJI Joists with Flak Jacket Protection.” In late 2016 the company, which is also one of the world’s largest owners… Read more »

Burg Simpson Construction Defect Group Discusses Colorado Municipal Ordinances

By Burg Simpson

Colorado Municipal Ordinances - construction defect lawyer Colorado - Burg Simpson

Ronald Sandgrund (Of Counsel), along with Associates Jennifer Seidman, Leslie Tuft and Nelson Boyle of the Burg Simpson Construction Defect Group have co-authored a three-part article in The Colorado Lawyer, the Colorado Bar Association’s monthly law journal. The article discusses the many recently enacted construction defect Colorado municipal ordinances (CD ordinances), including their right-of-repair, HOA… Read more »

Defective Aluminum–Clad Windows Mean Trouble for Homeowners

By Burg Simpson

When you buy or build a home you don’t expect your windows to be defective. Thousands of homeowners nationwide, however, may have defective aluminum-clad windows installed in their homes. Unfortunately, many of these homeowners are in the dark about the cause of their problem until after spending thousands of dollars replacing windows they shouldn’t have… Read more »

Burg Simpson Attorney Scott Sullan Discusses Colorado Springs Landslides

By Burg Simpson

The recent Colorado Springs landslides have prompted questions and concerns from local homeowners. The Gazette is publishing a special report about the landslide hazards in Colorado Springs and what, if anything is being done about them. As part of this special report, The Gazette recently interviewed Burg Simpson construction defects attorney Scott Sullan about important… Read more »

Are Recycled Building Materials Safe for New Buildings?

By Burg Simpson

Climate change remains a hot button issue that has galvanized reactions on the global, national, state, and local levels. With international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol setting carbon dioxide reduction goals for almost every country in the developed world, environmental awareness has blossomed in virtually every industry. The construction sector is no different, with… Read more »

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