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Mike Burg Holds First Book Signing for Trial by Fire at Tattered Cover

By cwheeland

Last month at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver, Colorado, a crowd of over 100 were treated to an evening with Burg Simpson attorney and author, Mike Burg. Speaking about his new book, Trial By Fire: One Man’s Battle to End Corporate Greed and Save Lives, Mike discussed his childhood and his motivations that… Read more »

NFL v. NFLPA and Brady – Beware the Downside of a Broad Arbitration Clause Before You Agree

By David TeSelle

A three judge panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion re-instating the NFL commissioner’s four game suspension of Tom Brady for his role in “deflate-gate”, the NFL sideshow over whether Tom Brady was complicit in intentionally deflating footballs during a playoff game to gain an unfair competitive advantage over the opponent…. Read more »

Class Action Lawsuits Proliferate After Hollywood Hacking Debacle

By Burg Simpson

class action lawsuit

One of the top news stories this past holiday season involved a major cyber-attack on one of the nation’s top movie studios, Sony Pictures. The incident centered on an unreleased film called “The Interview” in which characters played by Seth Rogan and James Franco are embroiled in a plot to assassinate the current leader of… Read more »

Can Parties to an Arbitration Agreement be Forced into a Class Action?

By Burg Simpson


From consumer warranties to employment agreements, arbitration provisions are found in numerous everyday contracts. Such clauses generally mean that before going to court, parties must try to resolve disagreements with the help of an arbitrator. Unlike conventional litigation, arbitration can provide a less expense and time-consuming way to pinpoint the heart of a disagreement and… Read more »

LinkedIn Plagued by Chain of Class Action Lawsuits

By Burg Simpson

terms and conditions

For over a decade, LinkedIn has been helping applicants and employers find each other. Essentially a social networking platform focused on the job market, LinkedIn lets individuals post their resumes and CVs online for all to view, in addition to helping people network in the virtual world. While the popular site has played an important… Read more »

Experts Prove Forced Arbitration Unfairly Deprives Consumers’Rights

By Burg Simpson

business law contract

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and specifically arbitration, can be wonderful tools to resolve disputes without having to resort to lengthy and expensive court battles. Notwithstanding ADR’s indisputable advantages in certain areas, consumer advocates have long decried the use of forced arbitration provisions that require individuals to waive their right to legal recourse in the judicial… Read more »

Arbitration May Be One Stop on the Road to Litigation

By Burg Simpson


Generally speaking, the term “alternative dispute resolution,” or ADR, refers to a host of methods of resolving legal disagreements that do not involve resorting to actual court proceedings. One of the most popular forms of ADR is arbitration, which can be used when both parties agree to permit a third-party, or a tribunal of third-parties,… Read more »

Time for Performance of a Contract: Have they breached the contract yet?

By Burg Simpson

Probably the most common cause of action related to contracts is for breach of contract. A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to perform her duty as provided for in the contract. A simple example: Builder and Seller enter into a contract that states: “Builder agrees to construct a wooden fence around Owner’s… Read more »

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