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Filing Claims Regarding Forest Fire Damages

By Heidi Culbertson

Attorney Thomas Henderson hero image

Filing Claims Regarding Forest Fire Damages Thomas W. Henderson, a Shareholder at Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine in Colorado, has experience filing claims regarding forest fire damages.  He has fought against the parties who were responsible for starting the fires, and  he has fought against the insurance companies who failed to pay what they… Read more »

Post-Claims Underwriting – Insurance Bad Faith Alert!

By Burg Simpson

bad faith insurance

Post-Claims Underwriting is a notorious tactic used by insurance companies to bait unwary consumers into forking over thousands of dollars of premium, only to have the insurance company decide, after a claim is made, that they didn’t want to insure you after all.  This happens when insurance companies, in their quest to sell as many… Read more »

Colorado Fires and Insurance Problems

By Burg Simpson

Burg Simpson Trial Lawyer - Colorado Fires & Insurance Problems

Many fellow Coloradans are petrified by the fires that are raging across our beautiful state. Unfortunately, many of the victims whose homes and businesses will burn or suggest significant smoke damage will soon learn another battle looms on the horizon – a battle with their own insurance company.  A battle to get the full amount… Read more »

Colorado Supreme Court Decides 3 Bad Faith Cases that Favor the Policyholder and Consumer

By Burg Simpson

Bad Faith Insurance - Litigation Attorney - Colorado Burg Simpson

On May 29, the Colorado Supreme Court issued 3 new decisions on bad faith law that favor policyholders and consumers. Two of the cases involved bad faith by American Family toward their own policyholders on homeowners policies. In Barriga vs. American Family, the court held that the remedy provided in a 2008 law allowing a… Read more »

Colorado Court of Appeals Strikes Down Mandatory Arbitration Clause in Insurance Policy

By Burg Simpson

Mandatory Arbitration Clause – Colorado Civil Litigation Lawyer – Colorado Burg Simpson

In an important victory for consumer rights, the Colorado Court of Appeals struck down a mandatory arbitration clause in a health insurance policy.  The case is Meardon v. Freedom Life Insurance Company, found at 2018 COA 32, 2018 Colo. App. LEXIS 341, and was decided March 8, 2018.  The mandatory arbitration clause provided that all… Read more »

What Are Your Business Dispute Options?

By Burg Simpson

Business Dispute Options – Colorado Corporate Litigation Attorney - Burg Simpson

Business owners operate under the cloud of potential litigation nearly every day. Whether it is a multinational corporation, a family-owned business, or a small sole proprietorship that has just opened up its doors, business owners and leaders often face legal issues that can take time and money away from their day-to-day operations. Business and commercial… Read more »

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