Author: Burg Simpson

Police Shortages Threaten Big Cities, Small Towns

It’s never been harder to find a hero. Police departments across the country are struggling to fill their ranks, and it’s overworking officers, worrying residents, and frustrating city and state officials. Big cities don’t have nearly enough police officers walking the beat. Baltimore, for example, is down more than 100 officers since last year. That’s despite finishing 2016 with the second-highest murder total in the city’s history…

What is Hiding in the Ski Waiver that the Resort Made You Sign and How Can That Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve ever been to any of Colorado’s many ski resorts, you were probably required to sign a waiver beforehand. And you probably didn’t even bother to read the fine print of the waiver the ski resort made you sign before allowing you out on the slopes. However, if you suffer injuries while skiing or snowboarding, that waiver is likely to become extremely important to both you and the resort…

Shovel, Sand, Salt, Repeat — Keeping your Sidewalk Safe this Winter

Colorado gets lots of snow, and Denver, along with many other municipalities, mandate that property owners keep sidewalks clear of snow. Snow and ice that accumulates on walkways, driveways, and exterior stairs can be hazardous, especially for children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with limited mobility. To prevent wintry slip and fall accidents, Denver’s residents and property owners should take care to become familiar with the city’s snow removal guidelines.

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