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Victims of Distracted Drivers Deserve Justice

By Burg Simpson
August 24, 2015
2 min read

In addition to the physical pain, financial distress, and lasting injuries that victims of serious car accidents must overcome, such experiences can bring a roller-coaster of emotions from sadness and despair to intense anger. Few factors can be more aggravating than discovering that the person responsible for harming a victim was engaging in highly dangerous behavior at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, this is exactly the scenario facing victims injured in crashes with distracted drivers who text, email, and talk when they should be focusing on the road.

A growing problem reaching epidemic proportions
Like most states in the nation, Arizona roads are plagued by individuals engaging in “distracted driving,” which is a polite term for conduct that has been proven to be as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While over nine people are killed and more than a 1,000 people get injured at the hands of distracted drivers every day according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one study even demonstrated that texting drivers need an extra 66 feet to hit the brakes as opposed to drunk drivers.

On the right track?
As anyone hurt in an accident with a distracted driver can attest, the laws that have been passed and the massive public awareness campaigns that have been launched to combat this problem are obviously falling short. To make matters worse, the use of GPS devices has also been recently linked to heightened risks for car accidents. Whether blindly following directions or glancing down at their screens, drivers who use these devices are increasingly harming other drivers on the roads.

Good old fashioned distractions are also dangerous
While much of the talk about distracted driving has focused on mobile devices, problems associated with distracted driving pre-date the advent of this technology by decades. Indeed, eating, disciplining children, and even shifting attention to a pet in the car can all distract a driver long enough to cause a serious car crash. The good news is that victims of distracted driving crashes do not have to sit back and accept lasting injuries, giant medical bills, and diminished earning power. Indeed, with the help of a vigilant personal injury attorney, victims who have been harmed by this reckless practice can secure the compensation to which they are entitled under the law.

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