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Few areas of law are as incredibly complex and as rapidly changing as business and commercial law. Whether you’re trying to negotiate a business arrangement or at the end of one, our team of Colorado commercial litigation lawyers have over 40 years of experience in this field.

Our experience – and reputation – have allowed us to work both at the state and federal levels. Burg Simpson has represented clients small and large, from individuals to major corporate entities. We’re also a versatile trial law firm able to help moderate on behalf of our clients during arbitration hearings, represent them during administrative proceedings or negotiate settlement discussions. While resolving business disputes is always preferable, that doesn’t mean we won’t take a case to court, either. Our Colorado bad faith insurance lawyers have decades of experience arguing cases before juries and a successful track record to back it up.

Regardless of where you are, we can help. So call us directly anytime, any day, at 303-792-5595.

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Testimonials from our clients

Concerning Burg Simpson, We've worked with them on two different occasions and they're very committed and with all their resources to do a great job on the clients behalf. Call them first when shopping for an attorney.

Evan B.

Google | Aug 15, 2017

Stephen Marsh did a great job. He tells it like it is and is always up front and realistic about your case.

Brady K.

Google | Aug 10, 2017

Chad W.

Google | Aug 10, 2017

My experience with Burg Simpon was exceptional. I was genuinely cared for and it was shown to me through prompt communication, sound counsel, authentic interactions with staff and ultimately a successful conclusion to a traumatic event. I would recommend legal representation by Burg Simpson to anyone.

Kelsey S.

Google | Aug 10, 2017

I give Stephan Marsh a 5 star review. Everything he said he would do. He made it happen. Very profesional and dependable. Thanks Stephan.

abe a.

Google | Aug 10, 2017

I couldn't be more pleased with the way that they help me with my work comp case and I do appreciate everything that they have done, Steven Marsh and his legal team did an excellent job.

Gary Lee H.

Our Website | Aug 09, 2017

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Linked To Adverse Drug Reactions

 April 16, 2010

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Linked To Adverse Drug Reactions

Burg Simpson News Updates Each year hundreds of people in the United States contract Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare and potentially life threatening skin disorder that causes a blistering of skin’s mucous membranes, usually around the mouth and eyes. Stevens-Johnson syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (a similar condition which results in a “peeling”of the entire top… Read more »

Toyota “Agrees” To Record Fine

 April 20, 2010

Toyota “Agrees” To Record Fine

Burg Simpson News Updates Toyota has agreed to pay a $16.375 million civil penalty brought by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in relation to the recent ”sticky accelerator pedal” recall. In a statement issued on Toyota’s website, the beleaguered car manufacturer said that; “it agreed to the settlement in order to avoid a protracted… Read more »

Burg Simpson Is a Colorado Top 50 Law Firm

 November 23, 2009

Burg Simpson Is a Colorado Top 50 Law Firm

This week Law Week Colorado, Colorado’s weekly newspaper for lawyers, presented the 2010 ‘Colorado Top 50’ list of law firms in the state. We are proud to display the logo denoting this award.

Burg Simpson Files Complaint In Bozeman Natural Gas Explosion

 October 21, 2009

Burg Simpson Files Complaint In Bozeman Natural Gas Explosion

Read more about the Bozeman explosion and fire here.


 April 27, 2015

Can Parties to an Arbitration Agreement be Forced into a Class Action?

From consumer warranties to employment agreements, arbitration provisions are found in numerous everyday contracts. Such clauses generally mean that before going to court, parties must try to resolve disagreements with the help of an arbitrator. Unlike conventional litigation, arbitration can provide a less expense and time-consuming way to pinpoint the heart of a disagreement and… Read more »

terms and conditions

 March 2, 2015

LinkedIn Plagued by Chain of Class Action Lawsuits

For over a decade, LinkedIn has been helping applicants and employers find each other. Essentially a social networking platform focused on the job market, LinkedIn lets individuals post their resumes and CVs online for all to view, in addition to helping people network in the virtual world. While the popular site has played an important… Read more »

business law contract

 February 18, 2015

Experts Prove Forced Arbitration Unfairly Deprives Consumers’Rights

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and specifically arbitration, can be wonderful tools to resolve disputes without having to resort to lengthy and expensive court battles. Notwithstanding ADR’s indisputable advantages in certain areas, consumer advocates have long decried the use of forced arbitration provisions that require individuals to waive their right to legal recourse in the judicial… Read more »

class action lawsuit

 August 17, 2015

Class Action Lawsuits Proliferate After Hollywood Hacking Debacle

One of the top news stories this past holiday season involved a major cyber-attack on one of the nation’s top movie studios, Sony Pictures. The incident centered on an unreleased film called “The Interview” in which characters played by Seth Rogan and James Franco are embroiled in a plot to assassinate the current leader of… Read more »

Can You Choose A Different Doctor? – Colorado Workers’ Compensation FAQ

 August 18, 2014

Can You Choose A Different Doctor? – Colorado Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Transcription: Hi, my name is John Connell. I do workers’ compensation at Burg Simpson. A lot of people are concerned because they have to go to the doctor that the employer recommends. In Colorado, the law does state that the employer gets to pick the physician, but there are options to change physicians. They’re somewhat… Read more »

My Insurance Filed a Notice of Contest. What Now?

 October 14, 2013

My Insurance Filed a Notice of Contest. What Now?

Transcription: Hi, my name’s John Connell and I’m an attorney handling workers compensation. When somebody’s hurt at work, the insurance carrier has an obligation to do a number of things. If you’ve missed more than three days’ work, then they have to start paying temporary disability benefits or lost wages beginning that third day. If… Read more »

If You Get A “Notice of Contest,” Talk to a Lawyer

 September 24, 2013

If You Get A “Notice of Contest,” Talk to a Lawyer

Transcription: So, you’ve gotten hurt, you’ve gone to the clinic, you’ve gotten a few official pieces of paper from the insurance company, you’re off work for more than three days, and you’re not getting any money yet and what does that mean? Well, it means that they have not yet decided they are admitting liability…. Read more »

The Insurance Company Said I Violated a “Safety Rule” – Work Comp Q&A

 October 12, 2013

The Insurance Company Said I Violated a “Safety Rule” – Work Comp Q&A

Transcription: Hi, my name’s John Connell, and I’m one of the attorneys here at Burg Simpson who handles workers compensation. Today, I want to talk about safety rule violation. Safety rule violation is something that is taken by the insurance company. They can do this without any proof at all, and it reduces the overall… Read more »

Construction Defects Housing Infographic

 June 9, 2015

Housing Market Analysis

See why the demand for low-cost starter homes is down from previous years.

construction defect article

 November 16, 2015

Unique Construction Defect Damages Mitigation Issues

Burg Simpson attorneys and authors Ronald M. Sandgrund and Jennifer A. Seidman raise unique questions that arise often during residential and commercial construction defect disputes, and offer suggestions on how to handle these issues during litigation. Download full article PDF

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