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GOP Vows to Block Supreme Court Nominee

By Burg Simpson


There has been a firestorm of controversy about whether President Obama should nominate Justice Scalia’s successor, with Republicans arguing that the nomination be held in abeyance until a new President takes office in January 2017. They have vowed to block any appointment, regardless of who it is and regardless of the fact that this would… Read more »

Homebuilders v. Homeowners

By Burg Simpson

The Trial Lawyer Magazine

Threats to Shift an Already Tilted Playing Field More in Favor of Homebuilders Burg Simpson attorneys Jennifer A. Seidman and Ronald M. Sandgrund examine what could happen if lawmakers allow builders to take advantage of and mischaracterize the causes of the Great Recession’s lingering effects, and the facts regarding the real causes of the decline… Read more »

Accidents and Injuries Accompany Rise of Electronic Bikes

By Meghan Quinlivan

If you think you’ve noticed an increase in the number of bicycles on the road with motors, your eyes are not deceiving you. Estimates by Navigant Research place U.S. sales of electronic and motorized bicycles, known as “e-bikes,” at around 50,000 per year. Whether seeking to save the environment, or their own wallet, consumers are… Read more »

Class Action Lawsuits Proliferate After Hollywood Hacking Debacle

By Burg Simpson

class action lawsuit

One of the top news stories this past holiday season involved a major cyber-attack on one of the nation’s top movie studios, Sony Pictures. The incident centered on an unreleased film called “The Interview” in which characters played by Seth Rogan and James Franco are embroiled in a plot to assassinate the current leader of… Read more »

Maker of Deadly Guardrails Finally Ordered to Pay Up for Fraud

By Burg Simpson

motorist accidents

The metal barriers on the side and middle of our roads were placed there for a very important reason: to minimize the damage and injuries that occur when vehicles careen out of control. While these devices are intended to save lives and reduce injuries, a major manufacturer has shamelessly abused the public trust by skimping… Read more »

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