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Burg Simpson Attorney Scott Sullan Discusses Colorado Springs Landslides


The recent Colorado Springs landslides have prompted questions and concerns from local homeowners. The Gazette is publishing a special report about the landslide hazards in Colorado Springs and what, if anything is being done about them. As part of this special report, The Gazette recently interviewed Burg Simpson construction defects attorney Scott Sullan about important… Read more »


NFL v. NFLPA and Brady – Beware the Downside of a Broad Arbitration Clause Before You Agree


A three judge panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion re-instating the NFL commissioner’s four game suspension of Tom Brady for his role in “deflate-gate”, the NFL sideshow over whether Tom Brady was complicit in intentionally deflating footballs during a playoff game to gain an unfair competitive advantage over the opponent…. Read more »

Breaking Bad: Meth, Death, and Automobiles


The hit television show Breaking Bad put the methamphetamine epidemic into the national spotlight, with a compelling story about a chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine kingpin. While the show’s fictional premise entertained audiences and critics alike, it provided a glimpse of the devastating and deadly consequences that follow in the wake of methamphetamine use. A 2015… Read more »

Are Recycled Building Materials Safe for New Buildings?


Climate change remains a hot button issue that has galvanized reactions on the global, national, state, and local levels. With international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol setting carbon dioxide reduction goals for almost every country in the developed world, environmental awareness has blossomed in virtually every industry. The construction sector is no different, with… Read more »

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